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  • Raven CCTV Training

    View Course Info The objective of this session is to help you gain maximum value from your Raven CCTV System. Learn how to use features such as back door reporting, motion search, car counts, event retrieval and more...
  • Profit Tips

    View Course Info The objective of this session is to provide training on how to use your RAVEN CCTV System to maximize profitability and improve overall operational efficacies. Learn how to reduce food costs, decrease employee consumption, verify car counts, decrease utility costs, and more...
  • Back Door Monitoring

    View Course Info The objective of this session is to provide a full understanding of how to use Back Door monitoring to help reduce food costs and improve overall safety and security. Learn how to use the UAS RAVEN Back Door reports to their fullest...
  • Motion Search

    View Course Info The objective of this session is to provide training to help quickly isolate and identify events such as cash shortages, missing deposits, vandalism, liability claims, and more...
  • Drive Thru, Stack Line and Car Counts

    View Course Info The objective of this session is to provide an in depth education on how to increase and verify car counts at the drive thru. Learn how to best position and use the various components of your RAVEN CCTV System. Maximize drive thru efficiency by alerting employees of backups at the danger zone, decreasing drive offs and verifying car counts to identify discrepancies in QSR Soft Report, and more...
  • Alarm 101

    View Course Info The objective of the session to is to learn how the UAS Security Alarm System to improves the safety and security of your employees and guests. You will also learn how to use the many systems’ management reports to help drive open and closing policies and practices.

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As an ongoing commitment to our RAVEN users, UAS has developed an educational tool to help increase your profitability through the active usage of our RAVEN Video and Alarm Systems. UAS University is a 52 week interactive web based training tool that includes six training modules designed specifically for our RAVEN users. The trainings cover everything from basic training on your UAS RAVEN and Alarm systems to verifying car counts in your overnight shift and reducing food costs through better management of your back door policy - and everything in between. The Training schedule for 2018 is below and we will be conducting each training module on the specified dates at 11am and 4pm Eastern Time. Please consider having as many people from your organization join us for any and all of the modules. Please email if you would like follow up or more personalized interaction with UAS Technical or Sales personnel.


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