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George Walker

Vice President, Metro Division

George Walker, Vice President, Metro Division, is one of the original members of the UAS team. Since its founding in 1972, UAS has provided various services to its clients including comprehensive security analyses as well as specific offerings including burglar and fire alarm protection and closed circuit TV (CCTV) monitoring.

With over 25 years in the security alarm and communications industry at UAS where he has held positions ranging from apprentice installer to system designer, George now oversees the Metro Accounts Division and specializes in providing engineering, sales and support, both technically and financially, installation and licensing compliance. Specifically, George has designed and marketed fire alarm systems, access control systems, and security alarm systems for more than 500 projects protecting millions of square feet of office, commercial, and industrial space.

George is a graduate of the Sylvania Technical Institute concentrating in electrical and mechanical air conditioning systems; the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies with Level Four Senior Engineering Certification. George is licensed in multiple States throughout the country, including Virginia, Tennessee, and Florida. George resides in Glendora, New Jersey.