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Client Profile: John Valluzzo

John Valluzzo knows the restaurant business inside and out. A third-generation franchisee, Mr. Valluzzo received industry training first-hand from his grandfather, who worked alongside restaurant legend Ray Kroc to establish the family's first franchise. He eventually followed in his father and grandfather's footsteps to a sucessful franchise company in the '80s. Ever since, Mr. Valluzzo has significantly expanded the company, and now manages 50 restaurants with a total of 3,700 employees.

As a veteran restaurant leader, Mr. Valluzzo knows how his business should be run. But with many locations and countless employees — and only one of him — Mr. Valluzzo simply can’t be everywhere at once to make sure that operations go smoothly. With the proper security surveillance in place, however, Mr. Valluzzo and his management team can keep eyes and ears on every single one of his locations.

There’s not a day that goes by that Mr. Valluzzo questions the security of his company. Years ago, if a robbery or break-in occurred, Mr. Valluzzo would have had to drive to the respective location and talk directly to police. It’s no surprise that this time-consuming process isn’t conducive to today’s fast-paced operations.

Fortunately, UAS technology has vastly transformed how this restaurant owner secures his company. With RAVEN™ Digital Video System in place, Mr. Valluzzo is up to speed on events and able to give crystal-clear video evidence to police at a moment’s notice, helping solve crimes in real time.  

Industry professionals understand that there are many facets of their business that must be watched closely to ensure success. RAVEN™ technology allows Mr. Valluzzo to do so from any location or device he chooses. He and his managers can keep watch on cash registers, equipment, employees, time punches, technicians on-site, drive-thrus, and more. This effectively keeps high-stakes occurrences like theft at bay, and empowers cash and inventory control to secure profits.

This unbridled access to all of his locations also helps drastically minimize insurance liabilities, from worker’s comp to customer incident claims. Mr. Valluzzo recalled an incident in which a customer claimed to have slipped and fallen in one of his restaurants, threatening a lawsuit. But with UAS, Mr. Valluzzo was able to immediately review the footage, revealing the customer pouring his drink on the floor, carefully lying down in the spill, and shouting out that he had fallen. This clear, unbiased evidence revealed the lie, and Valluzzo easily shut down the unmerited claim. Because incidents like these are bound to occur, effective video surveillance is invaluable in saving insurance costs.

Mr. Valluzzo can attest to the importance of this kind of risk management — it strengthens each and every store location. It has allowed him to expand his company. With expansion, keeping stores and employees safe requires a heavier workload, and proper security surveillance is the only answer to this time-sensitive undertaking. The restaurant business is not simple, but with UAS security in place, keeping stores secured improves operations and gives owners peace of mind. 

Like his grandfather and father before him, Mr. Valluzzo passed the restaurant prowess down to his sons, who now own and run their own locations. The success story of this family of franchisees is immense, and continues with the trusted help of UAS. UAS security is “unquestionably the single best method we use from defensive and offensive standpoints,” Mr. Valluzzo said. When it comes to security, “UAS has the best product out there.”