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Client Profile: Jeff Geller

For over a decade, franchise developer Jeff Geller has served as the Executive Vice President of one of the largest fast food restaurant companies in the world. With more than 165 restaurants across the four brands under his wing, and over 4,000 employees, Mr. Geller understands first-hand the importance of an effective security system for each of his many locations.

Today he shares the key factors a franchise owner should look for in finding the right system: reliability, personalized service, and rapid response time in the wake of any challenge.

Reliability is Necessary

About a year ago, Mr. Geller found that his old security service wasn’t cutting it. The company was consistently unresponsive on the phone, and couldn’t reliably meet his expansion needs. Because Mr. Geller isn’t one to take a change in security systems lightly, a thorough search was needed to find a provider that could get the job done without fail. With a high volume of locations and customers, and expanding the business to new states, Mr. Geller and his team could not afford to lose any more time due to unresponsive security. He chose Universal Atlantic Systems (UAS) and since then found his expectations far exceeded.

Because Mr. Geller’s fast food restaurants are vulnerable to robberies, it’s imperative for him to have a security service that reliably solves problems quickly and exhibits personalized care. Immediately, Mr. Geller found that UAS was capable of handling the scope of his company’s security needs, and exhibited the kind of above-and-beyond interpersonal service that reflects a family-run business. Mr. Geller says that UAS gets right on the ball when a conflict pops up, and solves any problem within 24 hours. It’s not just interpersonal service, but the effective, fast, 24/7 centralized UAS station that has kept Mr. Geller’s locations and staff secure and successful.

Knowledgeable, Personal Service Whenever Needed

Companies use the term “customer service” liberally, but when it comes down to it, customers often don’t get the attention they need. Smaller, local providers typically don’t have the resources to be timely or effective. And too often, national providers have multiple numbers to call, various satellite offices depending on the franchise location in question, and give franchise owners the runaround rather than answers. Finding focused, personal service is crucial for a growing franchise.

Approaching a year with UAS, Mr. Geller attests to the strength of their partnership. While several UAS employees are always ready to handle his or his team’s calls and provide answers, Mr. Geller has one main contact to get in touch with at any time. It’s easy, effective, and there for his business whenever a need arises.

Rapid Response Time

With UAS’ impeccable Intrusion Alarm System, Mr. Geller and his team can rest easy knowing that a break-in will easily be detected and quickly addressed. The system immediately springs into action, and pinpoints the source of an alarm from the activated door, window, motion sensor, or holdup button. Because the central station is immediately alerted, UAS’ rapid and personalized “next-step” interaction has kept Mr. Geller and his colleagues loyal customers. Being able to connect directly with UAS when an incident occurs not only helps get to the bottom of the problem quickly, but proves that UAS demonstrates its solid customer care with action.

In addition to incident response, the ability to act quickly on setting up new locations is crucial. With such an expanse of restaurants and employees, the smooth transition to UAS’ security provided a much-needed sense of relief for Mr. Geller and his widely dispersed teams. In terms of installation, Mr. Geller said there were absolutely no problems. UAS was reliably prompt when Mr. Geller’s locations recently expanded into a fifth and sixth state. In short time, the systems were up and running. “UAS laid out a schedule and they just did it, they made the calls on their own and hit every one of their goals,” Mr. Geller says. He believes that great customer service means having “people that listen and are available to you,” and recalls that UAS made the transition extremely easy, immediately fostering trust.

A leader in the national franchise community, Mr. Geller elects to meet with the country’s top franchisees on a quarterly basis and goes over a list of the nation’s best vendors. Because of UAS’ quick response time in the face of emergencies, ability to meet every challenge, and unmatchable partnership, Mr. Geller is not just a UAS customer; he confidently places UAS at the top of his list for security nationwide.

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