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Tech Advances in Security

In today’s fast-paced food industry, an increased demand for rapid and precise service means that restaurants must keep up with technological trends. Maintaining consumer retention through technology has as much to do with implementing automated service machines as it does with the use of advanced security.

Because crime, theft, and food safety mishaps affect a restaurant’s profits and credibility, managers and owners cannot afford to lose business due to outdated surveillance. Fortunately, advances in technology have allowed restaurants to become safer and more defensive than ever by empowering managers to preserve eyes and ears on their locations at all times.

Intruder Spray Solution

A few years ago, overseas restaurant chains like McDonald’s employed DNA spray technology into their security plans. In order to defend against and combat robberies, a location in Sydney, Australia implemented this innovative system that “sprays a ‘non-toxic solution with DNA Code’ on would-be thieves on their way out the door of the fast-food outlets.”

The Intruder Spray Solution contains a UV tracer and unique DNA code which allows police to successfully identify culprits. The spray is triggered when thieves exit the premises and can even be linked to an alarm system. Although harmless, the spray remains on skin and clothing for weeks (and on bags and weapons “indefinitely”), allowing for optimized identification.

This method, while still in testing, has sparked such interest that locations in the United States have begun to follow suit. Recently, a Subway restaurant in Tennessee installed the system to reliably and accurately catch thieves. Even when managers and owners cannot be at their physical locations, they can rest assured knowing that if robbers get away, there will be traceable evidence of the crime.

Food and Equipment Monitoring

The day-to-day operations of a restaurant’s kitchen are nothing short of rigorous. Consistently serving meals that are not only up to par taste-wise, but completely safe, means that food and equipment monitoring is crucial. Studies show that 48 million people a year become ill from food-borne illness in restaurants. This alarming statistic proves that even top-rated restaurants are not exempt from this major problem.

The biggest issue in restaurant food-related illness is “inadequate hygiene processes and poor control of food temperatures for raw and cooked products.” In the past, food and equipment had to be manually checked by employees on site. Needless to say, this inefficient process is flawed due to time constraints and inexperienced workers, and fails at combatting food illness.

Fortunately, technological advances have made it possible for managers and employees to monitor their food processes remotely. With wireless refrigerator sensors to keep track of temperature, humidity, and door access (and send alerts to computers and smartphones), maintaining safe practice has become smart and reliable. Now, restaurant owners do not have to be on location at their restaurants to be sure that food operations are running smoothly.

In addition to refrigerator monitoring, UAS offers an opportunity to monitor various pieces of equipment in a client’s location such as grills and fry machines. This ensures that all parts of a kitchen are working for optimal food safety and proper care. When customers are kept safe from harmful food, the entire restaurant thrives.

Remote Video Monitoring

One of the most effective ways to prevent food mishandling, crime and theft, and limit liability claims in restaurants is CCTV, or video surveillance. From its beginnings as a simple video tape-based recording system, CCTV has come a long way in its pursuit of successfully thwarting major security issues plaguing the food industry.

Since the VaaS model of digital video in the early millennium, UAS’ video surveillance has grown with technological advances. Now, its proven RAVEN™ Digital Video System has helped to keep some of the country’s largest and most successful fast food franchises safe and secure.

The most imperative aspect of the RAVEN™ System is its ability to provide recorded video evidence to an office or mobile device as quickly as possible. This monitoring system conveniently centralizes the retrieval and storage of important incident video clips, so owners and managers “no longer need to rely on employees on site retrieving critical video clips.”

With 100% availability of incident video, crimes and problematic incidents can sufficiently be attended to at a moment’s notice. UAS’ centralized system makes it so that owners and managers can monitor remotely, and are provided with regularly scheduled check-ins, supplementing image capture emails with personal customer service. In addition to deterring theft, the RAVEN™ System ensures policy compliance, verifies that safety standards are met, minimizes utility costs, and provides data to help lower food cost or costs of other goods.

Because restaurant security and food safety are among the industry’s most critical needs, technology has stepped up to meet them. The latest advances in security allow owners and managers to take control remotely, so their restaurants can remain safe and defensive under all circumstances.