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What Happens at Your Business When You’re Away on Vacation

With the warmer weather of the summer months, fast food and fast casual restaurants notice a spike in patrons. An influx of tourists as well as the desire to venture outside encourages customers to flock to their favorite spots for meals and a good time. This is incredible news for any company, especially considering that business can be slow during the holiday seasons or colder months.

There’s no question that running one or several restaurant locations calls for a nice break from time to time, especially in the summer. But this poses the question: will you be able to enjoy your vacation without the fear of trouble at your business? Do you have to worry about busier lines, hungrier customers, stressed workers, and a demand for faster-paced operations? Or worse, as sometimes happens in hot weather, does the threat of theft or crime increase? 

If you want to spend time away from your business and enjoy yourself, it’s crucial to make sure that your locations are in the right hands. This means that close watch is being kept on your entire store at all times, from the kitchen to the drive-thru, and that your food and employee operations are being monitored correctly. 

With an increased amount of work in the kitchen, it’s imperative to make sure that high-quality food is continuously being served and the risk of food- borne illness remains minimal. This includes monitoring employee workflow to ensure optimal productivity, and supervising coolers, grills, and fry machines to maintain food safety. 

One of the most important requirements of equipment monitoring and video security is that it’s 100% reliable — otherwise, the investment is meaningless. With UAS equipment monitoring and crystal-clear RAVEN™ video surveillance, managers and owners can maintain dependable eyes and ears on the happenings of their restaurants even when they’re not there.  

With video surveillance, managers can keep close watch on kitchens, indoor and outdoor lines, and important operations at any given time, allowing the opportunity to make defensive moves if need be. When it comes to your drive-thru, for example, your best bet at continued success is flawless video surveillance to keep the lines moving and customers coming back. 

“Speed bumps” like drive-aways, crime, faulty customer service, and other common issues that plague restaurant drive-thrus can be readily examined and subsequently improved with security that empowers your entire team. Video monitoring and “Pull Forward Alerts” at the crucial points of the drive thru (i.e. the Danger Zone and Presenter Booth) can also greatly help reduce dwell times — the main reason some customers drive away from your line. Video surveillance can help keep profits way up — right where you want them. 

On the other hand, video surveillance affects profits in a different way, and that’s by keeping your restaurants safe and secure. You can’t afford to lose any business due to theft or crime, and you certainly can’t afford to have your reputation tarnished. When it comes down to it, a video system that records every millisecond in clear video is your only trusted partner. It allows for highly efficient monitoring of cash transactions, order completion, and customer/employee interactions.

Especially in 24-hour locations, internal theft becomes a major threat within the drive-thru due to unrecorded sales. With RAVEN™ cameras positioned in both the Cash and Presenter Booths, an integrated headset, and comparison of hourly order counts to hourly RAVEN™ car counts, employee theft within the drive-thru can be successfully prevented for good. 

Although you may be hundreds of miles away from your locations at some point this summer, you can still keep watch over your operations when needed. This way, you can rest assured that your investments are protected, your team holds up their responsibilities, and the operation you have nurtured continues to run smoothly. Never lose an ounce of sleep or a miss a minute of your hard- earned vacation time. With UAS, you’re always in good hands.