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Motivating Customer-Facing Employees


In many dining experiences, from fast food to fast casual, consumers today are demanding as little face-to-face interaction as possible. People want a top-notch product that can be ordered, customized, and carried out quickly — and, most notably, free from error and unnecessary complication.


But even with the appeal of minimal socialization, customers still respond strongly to the manners and dispositions of employees. In fact, a study conducted by Time Magazine found that while people prefer little engagement with employees, they react positively to “eye contact, pleasant demeanors, and smiling.” 


Whether at the drive-thru window or behind a counter, client-facing employees, despite minimal interaction, have a major job to do. Poor service puts a strain on customer retention, and can therefore seriously harm an entire business. 


A study found that 86% of consumers are willing to pay up to 25% more for a better customer service experience. Restaurant-goers are so impacted by the way that employees treat them that they’re willing to spend more money on a pleasant interaction.


One of the best ways to ensure optimal customer service is through proper training. Not only that, keeping morale high in the workplace strongly encourages employees to work hard. Treating employees more like partners (and less as just workers) is a proven way to cultivate trust and loyalty. When employees feel valued, their gratitude shows through in their personal interactions at work.


For example, checking in with each member of your staff regularly to discuss their concerns, team improvement plans, and exciting company goals shows that you, as the leader, genuinely care about their well-being — and the well-being of the group as a whole. Friendliness, professionalism, and a work-hard attitude fosters a culture that inspires your employees, day in and day out, to be a positive part of a team that they feel proud to put their name to. 


Despite the incredible merits of this approach, it cannot guarantee that employees will consistently produce the results that you want. In truth, nothing promises that customers will be treated with utmost respect at all times, or that employees will do the right thing. Fortunately, UAS security provides a solution to keep track of every single employee and customer interaction, day or night. If any problem arises, a clear, unbiased video record of the event proves to be a manager or owner’s best friend.  


UAS’ video surveillance is 100% reliable, recording every millisecond of your restaurant’s operations in clear video. This allows you to keep eyes on your employees at any time, even when you’re not physically there. Stay on top of which employees need encouragement and improvement, and which employees can help to mentor a peer or deserve a promotion. Not to mention, with reliable and proper security in place, employees will then have a greater incentive to work responsibly. 


A productive and friendly employee who embodies the code of conduct and respects the needs of customers is undoubtedly ideal in the restaurant world. Star employees are certainly not impossible to attain, or train. Still, slip-ups occur, whether it be from stress in the workplace or at home, and agitated, frustrated, or discouraged employees may exhibit less than favorable service. 


After proper training, keeping employees happy, valued, and looked after is a guaranteed way to boost the overall customer service experience of your restaurant. A team-oriented culture of excellence and quality must be spearheaded by your leadership, and is a prime way to get employees on board the mission of impeccable service. This will allow for shorter lines, faster service, and satisfied customers. 


But you cannot be everywhere at once. When an incident occurs or service falls short — which, let’s face it, is highly likely from time to time — you have to be there to catch it. With UAS’ video surveillance, you’ll never miss a beat.