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Hiding Keys - Tips and Tricks

You’ll be happy that you have a hidden key the first time that you get locked out of your home. There’s a chance that someone could find it, but you can reduce that risk by taking a few precautions. Plus, a spare key could save you a costly visit from a locksmith. What’s most important is having the spare key easily accessible to you, but not hidden somewhere too obvious.

Hiding it under the doormat is almost equivalent to keeping your door unlocked. Generally, don’t hide your spare anywhere too close to your main point of entry or in places where everyone hides their spare key. All you need is a little forethought and creativity to hide a spare key around your home. Below are a few ideas for the perfect hiding spot:

1. Consider hiding your spare inside your home’s vinyl siding. Attach a short piece of string or wire to the key with just enough to grab. Then slide the key into a seam of the siding.

2. If you live in a home surrounded by trees, try nailing a spare to a tree trunk. Make sure to choose a tree far away from your home. Hang the key from a nail facing away from the house. For an extra level of security, hide your key a block or two away. So long as you’re not trespassing and can remember where you hid it.

3. Magnetic hide-a-keys are useful but not always the most secure way of hiding your spare. Make sure that the lid of the hide-a-key is secured with a piece of tape, so your key doesn’t fall out on the highway. Magnetic hide-a-keys do have the disadvantage of being wherever your car is. So, housemates may be out of luck if you’re not around.

If you need to use your spare key, make sure to hide it in a new spot after sundown. Also, think about using a different lock for a door other than your main point of entry. Then hide the spare key for that door.

If you often lose your keys, consider replacing your locks with a deadbolt with a number pad. Or even a smart lock, which you can unlock using a smartphone. This way, you remove the need for a spare key entirely.

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