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How to Stay Safe When You Have to Work Late

Working after hours is sometimes a necessary evil. However, it’s imperative that you take precautions to stay safe after hours. Make sure to stay alert and take precautions.

Stay in Constant Contact

• If you’re left alone in your workplace, let your boss, co-workers and loved ones know where you are and that you’re safe.

• Let security personnel know that you’ll be there after hours. You can also ask them to periodically check in to make sure that you’re safe.

• Keep a phone nearby at all times. Especially if you leave your office. If you’re walking alone in your building, make sure to have your cell phone in case of emergency.

• Notify everyone who knows that you’re working late when you have safely left for the night.

While You’re Working

• If you’re not alone in the building, make sure to safeguard your valuables. Lock yourself into your work area if possible, to prevent others from entering. If you leave your work area, make sure to lock the door behind you.

• If you work in a large building, try to avoid walking alone through the building. If there are security personnel, request to be escorted to where you are going.

Exiting the Building

• Request an escort by security personnel if available. Ask if they would follow you to public transportation or the parking lot, especially after dark.

• Don’t fumble for your car keys. Have them at the ready to unlock the door when you arrive at your car. Check around, under, and in the front and back seats before entering your car.

• Lock your car doors as soon as you enter the vehicle.

• Notify police or security of anything suspicious.