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National Accounts
a national provider of integrated security services

National Accounts Division

Headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, UAS is a national provider of integrated security services. UAS protects over $15 Billion in commercial and residential assets for a diverse client base including: food service providers, convenience stores and retailers.

Our primary goal is to help you make your stores safer, more secure, operationally superior and more profitable in a way that is problem-free to you and your team.

The UAS Team accomplishes this by providing the following services and technology:

  • One-stop shop for all your security needs, providing centralized service dealing directly with UAS. Always one number to call!
  • Dedicated account team always available to answer any and all questions.
  • Nationwide Network of top technicians providing superior service and installation.
  • RAVEN™ CCTV System that provides unparallel ROI through value added services

Secure your ROI with RAVEN™ CCTV System

  • Reduce Theft at the POS:
    Theft at the POS level through creative use of the reduction, discount, cancel and various other keys is on the rise as the employees are increasingly becoming more computer savvy. Gain better control over the events at your front counter.
  • Increase Employee Visibility:
    Crew and store management not being where they are supposed to be during key peak periods is a major cause of lines, walk-aways and drive-aways. Use “Smart-Search” to view these areas during key times to determine who is violating store policy and affecting both the customer experience and store profitability.
  • Decrease Overnight Drive Thru Theft:   
    The Overnight Drive Thru Booths can be a major source of theft and decreased profitability. View your actual car counts for any given period of time and view the visual verification of unrecorded sales, or sales that are never entered in the POS. 
  • Decrease Utility Costs: 
    Utility Costs in stores are at an all-time high. Gain a better understanding of the frequency, duration and cause of your back door, delivery door, cooler door and freezer door “props.”
  • Increase Car Counts: 
    Drive Thru “Drive-Bys” and “Drive-Aways” are usually a result of long lines. Improve your ability to view the order board and "stack line" areas and redeploy resources to reduce lines.
  • Decrease Food Costs And Improve Back Door Safety:  
    Food and product costs decrease dramatically as Back Door Openings after dark decrease. UAS CCTV Systems alert Operators either daily or weekly as to your Door Openings and provide the associated video.
  • Decrease Employee Consumption:  
    Employee consumption in the coolers and freezers can drive up food costs significantly. Better understand who is in your coolers and freezers, for how long and what they are doing.