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UAS Goes Live with Manitou!

Broomall, PA - April 2, 2013 —UAS, a national provider of integrated security services, officially goes live at 11:12 AM with its highly anticipated Central Station software upgrade Manitou from Bold Technologies. This robust software provides an easy to use interface, enhanced customer experience, automated signals and alarms by emails, text messages and improved alarm handling efficiency.

“The upgrade to the Manitou software is an absolute game-changer for our Central Station,” says Central Station Director Richard Rhodes, “Manitou increases our central station efficiency and minimizes training time due to its friendly and familiar Windows interface.” The software offers our customers better service through state-of-the-art technologies with enhanced features geared towards the customer experience and provides superior integration capabilities for the future.

About UAS

Since its founding in 1972, UAS and its employees have helped redefine the meaning of integrated security services in the industry. Headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, UAS is a national provider of integrated security services protecting over $15 Billion in commercial assets for a diverse client base including: food service providers, convenience stores and retailers.

UAS provides a number of services to its clients such as:

• Comprehensive Security Analyses

• Intrusion Alarm Systems

• UL Certified Fire Alarm Systems

• Closed Circuit Television Systems

• Monitored Access Control Systems

• Environmental Monitoring Systems

• RAVEN™ - Remote Audio Video Event Notification


Press Release Contact: 
Eric Gross