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Video Surveillance


UAS installs and services a wide range of Closed Circuit Television Systems to meet all of your security and operational needs.

Key Benefits and Value:

  • Capturing Clear & Reliable Images:
    The UAS Digital CCTV System automatically records video from your cameras for up to the last 60 days. With digital video, you will no longer have problems with changing tapes, fixing broken recorders and viewing poor quality video tape images. If your security needs require it, extended term digital video storage is always available.
  • Deterring Crime
    Preventing crime is the goal. A prospective criminal on your property is likely to have serious second thoughts when he sees himself displayed on one of the monitors, and is aware that the video of his image is being captured.
  • Providing Reliable Evidence
    Now you have a powerful weapon to help fight crime and defend against those fraudulent legal liability claims. A clear and reliable picture is worth a thousand words, especially to a judge and a jury.
  • Viewing Video From Your Mobile Device
    The UAS Digital CCTV System enables you to monitor your unit from your mobile device (iPhone and Android). Simply download the RAVEN app and your system can be easily accessed and viewed from your fingertips.
  • Viewing Video From Your PC
    The UAS Digital CCTV System enables you to monitor your unit with a PC from virtually anywhere. Using the remote monitoring software, you can access the system and see almost everything that you would see if you were physically on-site. With this UAS service, you are able to see if employees are present, customers are being properly served and operations are running smoothly.
  • Improving Service
    By remotely monitoring your location, gain a deeper insight and control of your operations including customer service, employee behavior, unit maintenance and general operations.
  • Saving Money with Software
    The UAS Digital CCTV System is software-based system that can be easily maintained and upgraded without the expense of replacing outdated hardware.