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There are only so many ways to reduce business costs.

Our RAVEN™ system helps you do most of them. Click any of the boxes below to see how we help you reduce food costs, increase cash receipts and improve store operations & profitability.

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Key RAVEN Benefits

Decrease Food Costs & Back Door Safety
  • Food costs decrease as back door openings decrease, and back door openings after dark are a major safety concern. Operators have experienced up to a 2.5% DECREASE in food costs after implementing our back door monitoring system.

Increase Car Counts
  • Drive-thru "Drive-By's and "Drive-Aways" are usually the result of long lines. Long lines are often the result of unawareness on the part of crew that a line has formed, usually from a lack of visibility of the order board and stack line area. The UAS CCTV Stack Line System provides this visibility, increasing car counts. 

Reduce Theft at POS
  • Theft at the POS level through creative use of the VOID, Discount, Cancel and various other keys is on the rise. Our solutions help cash receipts go up and make food costs percentages go down.

Decrease Overnight Drive-Thru Theft
  • Overnight drive-thru booths can be a major source of theft and decreased profitability, much of this due to unrecorded sales or sales never entered into the POS. Our solution allows you to verify the number of orders entered with the number of vehicles that actually ordered.
Reduce Danger Zone Occurrences
  • The appearance of a line causes drive-bys and drive-aways, reducing car and order counts. Our Danger Zone Alerts reduce dwell times in your "Danger Zone" to increase car counts.

Increase Pull Forward Awareness
  • Extended waits at the Present Window, due to large or complex orders or other factors, are a major source of lines and customer dissatisfaction. Our Pull Forward Alert System improves wait time awareness.
Merge Point Monitoring
  • Side-by-side order boards are quickly becoming standard in most stores. Our system provides seamless matching of orders resulting in measurable decreases in customer dissatisfaction from receiving incorrect orders.
Increase Employee Visibility 
  • Crew and store management not being in their appropriate places during peak hours ia a major cause of long lines, walk-aways, drive-aways and inferior customer service. Employees in the office, crew room or on break during these periods is a cause of lost business and profit reduction. Our system improves this.
Monitor Office Activity
  • Most cash +/- and deposit issues can be traced back to an occurrence in the office. Our system helps minimize and control office visits so your employees can be most effective.
Monitor Emulation
  • Activity in stores is often different when an Operator is not present. Our system allows you to view your monitors remotely to ensure proper procedures are being followed.
Decrease Utility Costs
  • Utility costs are at an all time high & employee manipulation of thermostats and openings of doors can become costly. Our system decreases those happenings.
Cooler/Freezer Issues
  • Employee consumption in coolers and freezers can drive up food costs significantly, and faulty liability claims can occur in those areas. Our system reduces and often eliminates these occurrences.
  • The hand-held order taking solution increases drive-thru efficiency for many stores but also poses safety challenges. Our system alleviates those visibility and safety concerns.                                              
Fast Forward
  • The Fast Forward Store design is being seen more as the emphasis on drive-thru efficiency and increased car count grows. Our system accelerates and protects the exit/entry process.

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