Video Verified Alarm Monitoring

When an alarm is triggered, UAS monitoring professionals view video surveillance to see what activated the alarm.



We confirm the emergency, contact local authorities and provide critical information from the scene, including the type of emergency and the location of the emergency. This enables a quicker, safer and more accurate emergency response from law enforcement. Alarm verification services are essential to ensuring a prompt police response.



Video verified alarm monitoring can help:



Reduce false alarms


Deter break-ins and theft


Shorten response times


Meet regulations


Improve overall security




At the heart of our business is the UAS Five Diamond Certified Central Station which provides 24/7, year-round monitoring of all assets protected by UAS. We own and operate a 6,000 square-foot UL-Listed Central Station staffed by our Security Industry Associations (SIA) Certified professionals.



As a UL-certified company, we only install reliable fire systems from a range of high-quality manufacturers. Our certified installation engineers have extensive training and the most up-to-date credentials, providing your facility with optimal solutions.


Our team will test and inspect your new system on a consistent basis to ensure it stays compliant with codes and regulations.


We provide a greater level of protection with our 24/7 Five Diamond Certified Central Station. When an alarm event occurs at your property, we immediately spring into action by contacting local authorities to address the event in progress.

A Legacy of Security & Service

As we celebrate a major 50th milestone this year, we’re proud of the family values that built this company and still direct us today. We are grateful to our dedicated employees, as well as our customers over the years that have entrusted us to keep them safe and secure.

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