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Drive Thru Theft Reduction

The overnight drive thru booths can be a major source of theft and decreased profitability. Much of this theft is associated with unrecorded sales or sales that are never entered in the POS. Without the proper equipment it is very hard to verify the number of orders entered with the number of vehicles that actually ordered.


  • Cameras positioned in both the Cash and Presenter Booths to view activity.
  • Integrate the headset unit with RAVEN - headset units will signal UAS Raven with each car.
  • Daily reports can be produced to provide car counts and associated video
  • Comparison of hourly order counts in Profit Protection Report to hourly RAVEN car counts


  • Expose theft and uncover problems
    In addition to  exposing theft by the drive-thru crew, Operators and McOpCo have uncovered other problems occurring  such as the “closing down” of the store during POS re-boots.

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