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Video Surveillance

RAVEN™ Video Surveillance


Video in your business today is much more than a simple security tool. Since the transition from video tape-based recording systems to modern digital video systems, UAS has approached the RAVEN™'s role in video as an inclusive, ROI driven asset.  Our goal is that your RAVEN™ Digital Video System, coupled with our industry leading back-end services returns more dollars to your bottom line than you invest with UAS.

UAS pioneered the Vaas model of digital video circa 2000

UAS system monitoring provides regularly scheduled check-ins, supplementing image capture emails with human review, and prompting you for action when attention is needed at any store. 

Incident retrieval and archiving by UAS has increased the availability of incident video for our customers 100%. By centralizing the retrieval and storage of important incident video clips, our customers no longer need to rely on employees on site retrieving critical video clips.

UAS regularly looks for ways to integrate with other in-store systems to provide useful data that can be verified using video to help the location:

  • Monitor for and deter theft
  • Ensure policy compliance
  • Verify safety standards are being met
  • Minimize utility costs
  • Provide data to help lower food cost or cost of goods

In today’s mobile age, UAS provides multiple ways to access the RAVEN™ system. Whether you are in your office or on-the-go using UAS RAVEN™ View or UAS RAVEN™ Mobile lets you always be in touch.

The new RAVEN™ Dashboard provides a centralized view to display critical data with clarity and ease, allowing our customers to immediately identify areas that are pain points that need to be addressed.

UAS is proud to be one of the largest independently owned, U.L. listed, Central Station Monitoring companies to provide real, 24x7 technical support at levels unheard of in traditional “video” companies.