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UAS access control systems utilize card readers and/or keypads to automate the locking and unlocking of doors. Access control can be set up to accommodate your business needs, providing specific employees access to only areas they are permitted to enter, while allowing others universal access.

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We have the ability to program card readers that provide access to specific parts of a building, suite entrances, elevators and sensitive areas. In the event of a lost or stolen card, we can easily deactivate it, and provide a replacement promptly.

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We can help limit and personalize who can gain entry to specific locations by the individual, day of the week or timeframe, and can easily remove or change permissions based on personnel and visitors.

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Our access control systems create a detailed audit trail, so you know exactly whose card opened a specific door and when. This also allows you to see any unauthorized and denied entry attempts.

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As we celebrate a major 50th milestone in 2022, we’re proud of the family values that built this company and still direct us today. We are grateful to our dedicated employees, as well as our customers over the years that have entrusted us to keep them safe and secure.

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